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Partnership Links

The following are links to agencies with whom FRP Canada has worked in partnership.
Links to parenting sites, research sites and other links for parent educators can be found on our new Parents Matter site, www.parentsmatter.ca.
Links to multicultural, multilingual resources can be found on our Welcome Here website, www.welcomehere.ca .

BC Council for Families
The BC Council for Families works to help create healthy families in a healthy society by providing educational resources on topics such as parenting, childhood development, parent-teen relationships, work-life balance, suicide awareness and more. It also supports family education professionals by coordinating professional development workshops and symposiums, participating in conferences and disseminating research and resources.

Canada Research Institute for Social Policy
CRISP is a multi-disciplinary research organization dedicated to: conducting policy research aimed at improving the education and care of Canadian children and youth, contributing to the training of social scientists in quantitative research methods, and supporting low-income countries in their efforts to build research capacity in child development.

Canadian Association for Community Living
The Canadian Association for Community Living is a Canada-wide association of family members and others working for the benefit of persons of all ages who have an intellectual disability.

Canadian Child Care Federation
The Canadian Child Care Federation is a bilingual, non-profit, member-based organization established in 1987 that includes over 21 provincial and territorial affiliate organizations. Our 11,500 members – early learning and child care practitioners, academics, parents and policy makers – share our commitment to excellence in early learning and child care through: best and promising practice, capacity building and  collaborations, networks and partnerships

Centre of Excellence for Child Welfare
The Centre of Excellence for Child Welfare encourages collaborative projects that integrate child maltreatment prevention and interventions across a variety of sectors, including health care, education, justice and recreation. The Centre’s four main functions are: Fostering research, Disseminating information, Developing policy and Forging networks.

Centre of Excellence for Early Childhood Development
The mission of the Centre of Excellence for Early Childhood Development (CEECD) is to improve our knowledge of the social and emotional development of young children.  It does this by: Identifying and synthesizing the very best scientific work on early childhood social and emotional development; Disseminating this knowledge to a target audience of planners, public and community service providers, and policymakers; Encouraging leading-edge research on child development from the time of conception to age five; Providing governments and service planners with a consultation service for policies on early childhood development; and Creating, at the local, national and international levels, networks of individuals and groups interested in early childhood development.

Family Service Canada
A not-for-profit, national voluntary organization founded in 1982, and represents the concerns of families and family-serving agencies across Canada. Membership includes family service agencies, corporations, government agencies and interested individuals. 

National Alliance for Children and Youth
The National Alliance for Children and Youth and its member organizations are dedicated to enhancing the well-being of children and youth in Canada through initiatives which promote collaboration and mobilize knowledge and research to support effecting practices and policy development on a pan-Canadian basis.

Public Health Agency of Canada - CAPC
CAPC provides long term funding to community coalitions to deliver programs that address the health and development of children (0-6 years) who are living in conditions of risk. It recognizes that communities have the ability to identify and respond to the needs of children and places a strong emphasis on partnerships and community capacity building.

Ryerson Family Supports Certificate
An interdisciplinary Certificate Program of eight one-term courses for family support practitioners.  This certificate provides individuals with skills and knowledge to support families in a rapidly changing society.

Ryerson Participant Voices
This project created an evaluation tool based on what users say is valuable about their programs. Resources produced by the project are available to download.

Save the Children Canada
A non-political, non-religious organization committed to long-term development at the grassroots level through partnerships with local communities, government bodies and international organizations. 

Vanier Institute for the Family
An independent, national, non-profit institute committed to promoting the well-being of Canadian families, established in 1965. The Vanier Institute of the Family fulfills its mandate through many activities, especially: Research and Analysis, Public Education and Partnership.



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